Ranjit Nijjer


With over fifteen years experience of playing a chief role in Melbourne’s underground techno scene, Ranjit Nijjer can lay claim to contributing to a few special moments in it’s history.
Since the early noughties, Ranjit has remained a devotee to techno and electronic music. Now immersing himself in various areas of the techno scene, Ranjit has been able to formulate his own sound, drawing from different influences. Using a four-channel digital set-up, Ranjit combines loops, effects, field recordings, samples and complete pieces of music to connect with the dancefloor to give them the best possible experience. “. I guess my basic philosophy of DJing, if I have one, is to present good music in the best possible way. So if that means playing a track by itself for 6 minutes or playing three tracks at once in a particular configuration will yield the best result for the audience, then that’s what I’ll do. As the years have gone on I’ve tried to become less fixed in the way I do things and have really focused on being as fluid and adaptive as possible,” he says.
Ranjit’s contribution to the scene spans beyond DJing, as one of the founders of Technoir, which has been running for over 12 years and stands as one of Melbourne’s longest running underground techno nights. Aside from Technoir, Ranjit is a regular guest at many clubs and events around town as well as performing at one of Australia’s premier music festivals, Rainbow Serpent Festival. In terms of other institutional involvements, Ranjit is also a member of When The Smoke Clears and has been working with the collective for the past five years in order to host internationals like Audio Injection/Truncate, Perc, Tommy Four Seven, Etapp Kyle and Chris Liebing, as well as nights in promotion of local talent.
(Photo by Scott Sandars)

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